Class HelidonRestServiceSupport

    • Constructor Detail

      • HelidonRestServiceSupport

        protected HelidonRestServiceSupport​(Logger logger,
                                            HelidonRestServiceSupport.Builder<?,​?> builder,
                                            String serviceName)
        Shared initialization for new service support instances.
        logger - the Logger for the concrete service support instance
        builder - builder for the service support instance.
        serviceName - name of the service
    • Method Detail

      • configureEndpoint

        public final void configureEndpoint​(Routing.Rules rules)
        Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
        Use configureEndpoint(Routing.Rules, Routing.Rules) instead and only if invoking this method is absolutely necessary. (Typically, user code should directly invoke neither this method nor the replacement one.)
        Avoid using this obsolete method.
        rules - routing rules (also accepts Routing.Builder
      • configureEndpoint

        public final void configureEndpoint​(Routing.Rules defaultRules,
                                            Routing.Rules serviceEndpointRoutingRules)
        Configures service endpoint on the provided routing rules. This method just adds the endpoint path (as defaulted or configured). This method is exclusive to Service.update(io.helidon.webserver.Routing.Rules) (e.g. you should not use both, as otherwise you would register the endpoint twice)
        Specified by:
        configureEndpoint in interface RestServiceSupport
        defaultRules - default routing rules (also accepts Routing.Builder
        serviceEndpointRoutingRules - actual rules (if different from default) for the service endpoint
      • postConfigureEndpoint

        protected abstract void postConfigureEndpoint​(Routing.Rules defaultRules,
                                                      Routing.Rules serviceEndpointRoutingRules)
        Concrete implementations override this method to perform any service-specific routing set-up.
        defaultRules - default Routing.Rules to be updated
        serviceEndpointRoutingRules - actual rules (if different from the default ones) to be updated for the service endpoint
      • onShutdown

        protected void onShutdown()
      • context

        protected String context()
      • logger

        protected Logger logger()