Class SecurityTime

  • public class SecurityTime
    extends Object
    Time used in security, configurable. Configuration may either shift time (to past or future) or explicitly set a value on one of the time fields (e.g. year, month)
    • Method Detail

      • builder

        public static SecurityTime.Builder builder()
        A new builder for this class.
        builder to build a new instance
      • create

        public static SecurityTime create()
        Creates a new security time based on default time zone and current time.
        security time
      • create

        public static SecurityTime create​(Config config)
        Load an instance from configuration.


         # server-time
           # can shift time if needed (before explicit values are applied
           # shift-by-seconds: -1020
           # All of the following settings:
           #   if configured, will override actual value, if not set, current value is used
           # definition of a time zone (that is valid for ZoneId.of())
           # this will move the time to the specific timezone (same instant)
           # Time zone is applied first, everything else after
           # time-zone: Europe/Prague
           time-zone: "Australia/Darwin"
           year: 2017
           # 1 for January, 12 for December
           month: 9
           # day of month (1 - 31)
           day-of-month: 6
           # hour of day (0 - 23)
           hour-of-day: 13
           # minute of hour (0 - 59)
           minute: 0
           # second of minute (0-59)
           second: 0
           # millisecond of minute (0-999)
           # millisecond: 0
        config - configuration located on the key "server-time" in example above (the key name can differ, the content is important)
        a new instance of time configured from this configuration
      • get

        public ZonedDateTime get()
        Get current (or as configured) time.
        a date time with a time-zone information as configured for this instance