Interface RegistryFilterSettings

  • public interface RegistryFilterSettings
    Filter settings for registries.

    Each filter settings instance contains two optional regular expression patterns, one indicating metric names to include and one indicating metric names to exclude. The patterns work together like this:

    • If you assign neither pattern, all metric names pass the filter and are accepted.
    • If you assign the exclude pattern, the filter rejects any candidate metric name that matches it, regardless of the include pattern.
    • If you assign the include pattern, the filter accepts only those candidate metric names which match the include pattern and do not match the exclude pattern (if you assigned one).
    • Method Detail

      • create

        static RegistryFilterSettings create()
        Creates a new default instance of RegistryFilterSettings.
        new settings instance
      • passes

        boolean passes​(String metricName)
        Reports whether a given metric name passes the filter.
        metricName - name of the metric to check
        true if the name passes the filter; false otherwise