Class JsonProcessingMapper

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      • read

        public JsonObject read​(DbRow row)
        Get a JSON-P representation of this row.
        Specified by:
        read in interface DbMapper<JsonObject>
        row - source database row
        json object containing column name to column value.
      • toIndexedParameters

        public List<Object> toIndexedParameters​(JsonObject value)
        Description copied from interface: DbMapper
        Convert target type instance to a statement indexed parameters list.

        Using indexed parameters with typed values is probably not going to work nicely, unless the order is specified and the number of parameters is always related the provided value. There are cases where this is useful though - e.g. for types that represent an iterable collection.

        Specified by:
        toIndexedParameters in interface DbMapper<JsonObject>
        value - mapping type instance containing values to be set into statement
        map of statement named parameters mapped to values to be set
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