Interface SocketConfiguration

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    public interface SocketConfiguration
    The SocketConfiguration configures a port to listen on and its associated server socket parameters.
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        static final int DEFAULT_BACKLOG_SIZE
        The default backlog size to configure the server sockets with if no other value is provided.
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      • port

        int port()
        Returns a server port to listen on with the server socket. If port is 0 then any available ephemeral port will be used.
        the server port of the server socket
      • bindAddress

        InetAddress bindAddress()
        Returns local address where the server listens on with the server socket. If null then listens an all local addresses.
        an address to bind with the server socket; null for all local addresses
      • backlog

        int backlog()
        Returns a maximum length of the queue of incoming connections on the server socket.

        Default value is DEFAULT_BACKLOG_SIZE.

        a maximum length of the queue of incoming connections
      • timeoutMillis

        int timeoutMillis()
        Returns a server socket timeout in milliseconds or 0 for an infinite timeout.
        a server socket timeout in milliseconds or 0
      • receiveBufferSize

        int receiveBufferSize()
        Returns proposed value of the TCP receive window that is advertised to the remote peer on the server socket.

        If 0 then use implementation default.

        a buffer size in bytes of the server socket or 0
      • ssl

        SSLContext ssl()
        Returns a SSLContext to use with the server socket. If not null then the server enforces an SSL communication.
        a SSL context to use
      • enabledSslProtocols

        Set<String> enabledSslProtocols()
        Returns the SSL protocols to enable, or null to enable the default protocols.
        the SSL protocols to enable
      • clientAuth

        ClientAuthentication clientAuth()
        Whether to require client authentication or not.
        client authentication
      • cipherSuite

        Set<String> cipherSuite()
        Allowed cipher suite of the socket TLS.
        cipher suite
      • maxHeaderSize

        int maxHeaderSize()
        Maximal size of all headers combined.
        size in bytes
      • maxInitialLineLength

        int maxInitialLineLength()
        Maximal length of the initial HTTP line.
      • maxChunkSize

        int maxChunkSize()
        Maximal size of a single chunk of received data.
        chunk size
      • validateHeaders

        boolean validateHeaders()
        Whether to validate HTTP header names. When set to true, we make sure the header name is a valid string
        true if headers should be validated
      • initialBufferSize

        int initialBufferSize()
        Initial size of the buffer used to parse HTTP line and headers.
        initial size of the buffer