Interface SubjectMappingProvider

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    public interface SubjectMappingProvider
    extends SecurityProvider
    A provider that maps subject(s) authenticated by an authentication provider to a new subject. This may be replacing the subject, adding roles to the subject etc. Subjects may be a user subject or a service subject.
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        CompletionStage<AuthenticationResponse> map​(ProviderRequest providerRequest,
                                                    AuthenticationResponse previousResponse)
        Map grants from authenticated request (e.g. one or both of ProviderRequest.subject() or ProviderRequest.service() returns a non-empty value) to a new authentication response. The provider can change/add/remove grants (such as groups, scopes, permissions) or change the subject to a different one. This method is only invoked after a successful authentication.
        providerRequest - request to get user and service subjects from
        previousResponse - response from previous authentication or subject mapping provider
        a new authentication response with updated user and/or service subjects