Interface OpenTracingProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
TracerResolverProvider, ZipkinTracerProvider

public interface OpenTracingProvider
Open Tracing SPI to include various tracers.
  • Method Details

    • createBuilder

      OpenTracingTracerBuilder<?> createBuilder()
      Create a new builder for this tracer.
      a tracer builder
    • updateOutboundHeaders

      default void updateOutboundHeaders(Tracer tracer, SpanContext currentSpan, HeaderProvider inboundHeaders, HeaderConsumer outboundHeaders)
      Update headers for outbound requests. The outboundHeaders already contain injected from tracer via Tracer.inject(io.opentracing.SpanContext, io.opentracing.propagation.Format, Object). This is to enable fine grained tuning of propagated headers for each implementation.
      tracer - Tracer used
      currentSpan - Context of current span
      inboundHeaders - Existing inbound headers (may be empty if not within a scope of a request)
      outboundHeaders - Tracing headers map as configured by the tracer