Class AbstractMetric

All Implemented Interfaces:
HelidonMetric, Metric

public abstract class AbstractMetric extends Object implements HelidonMetric
Common reusable implementation for any category of metric implementation (full-featured, no-op).

Helidon relies on this additional behavior beyond that provided by MP Metric.

  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractMetric

      protected AbstractMetric(String registryType, Metadata metadata)
      Common initialization logic in creating a new metric.
      registryType - type of metric registry the metric is registered in
      metadata - metric metadata describing the metric
  • Method Details

    • metadata

      public Metadata metadata()
      Specified by:
      metadata in interface HelidonMetric
      the metadata for the metric
    • markAsDeleted

      public void markAsDeleted()
      Description copied from interface: HelidonMetric
      Record that a previously-registered metric has been removed from the registry.
      Specified by:
      markAsDeleted in interface HelidonMetric
    • isDeleted

      public boolean isDeleted()
      Specified by:
      isDeleted in interface HelidonMetric
      true if the metric has been removed from its registry; false if it is still registered
    • registryType

      public String registryType()
      Specified by:
      registryType in interface HelidonMetric
      the name of the registry type in which the metric was registered