Interface BodyPartHeaders

All Superinterfaces:
Headers, Iterable<Map.Entry<String,List<String>>>, Parameters
All Known Implementing Classes:
ReadableBodyPartHeaders, WriteableBodyPartHeaders

public interface BodyPartHeaders extends Headers
Body part headers.
  • Method Details

    • contentType

      MediaType contentType()
      Get the Content-Type header. If the Content-Type header is not present, the default value is retrieved using defaultContentType().
      MediaType, never null
    • contentDisposition

      ContentDisposition contentDisposition()
      Get the Content-Disposition header.
      ContentDisposition, never null
    • defaultContentType

      default MediaType defaultContentType()
      Returns the default Content-Type header value: MediaType.APPLICATION_OCTET_STREAM if the Content-Disposition header is present with a non empty value, otherwise MediaType.TEXT_PLAIN.
      MediaType, never null
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