Class HelidonConnectorProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HelidonConnectorProvider extends Object implements ConnectorProvider
Provider for Helidon WebClient Connector that utilizes the Helidon HTTP Client to send and receive HTTP request and responses.

The following properties are only supported at construction of this class:

If a ClientResponse is obtained and an entity is not read from the response then InboundMessageContext.close() MUST be called after processing the response to release connection-based resources.

Client operations are thread safe, the HTTP connection may be shared between different threads.

If a response entity is obtained that is an instance of Closeable then the instance MUST be closed after processing the entity to release connection-based resources.

This connector uses ClientProperties.OUTBOUND_CONTENT_LENGTH_BUFFER to buffer the entity written for instance by StreamingOutput. Should the buffer be small and StreamingOutput.write(OutputStream) be called many times, the performance can drop. The Content-Length or the Content_Encoding header is set by the underlaying Helidon WebClient regardless of the ClientProperties.OUTBOUND_CONTENT_LENGTH_BUFFER size, however.