All Implemented Interfaces:
Prioritized, OciPrivateKeyDownloader

@Singleton public class DefaultOciPrivateKeyDownloader extends Object implements OciPrivateKeyDownloader, Prioritized
Implementation of the OciPrivateKeyDownloader that will use OCI's KMS to export a key.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultOciPrivateKeyDownloader

      @Deprecated public DefaultOciPrivateKeyDownloader()
      this is a Java ServiceLoader implementation and the constructor should not be used directly
      Service loader based constructor.
  • Method Details

    • loadKey

      public PrivateKey loadKey(String keyOcid, URI vaultCryptoEndpoint)
      Description copied from interface: OciPrivateKeyDownloader
      The implementation will download the private key identified by the given ocid from the given vault crypto endpoint.
      Specified by:
      loadKey in interface OciPrivateKeyDownloader
      keyOcid - the key ocid
      vaultCryptoEndpoint - the vault crypto endpoint identifying where to go to download the key ocid
      the downloaded private key
    • priority

      public int priority()
      Description copied from interface: Prioritized
      Priority of this class (maybe because it is defined dynamically, so it cannot be defined by an annotation). If not dynamic, you can use the jakarta.annotation.Priority annotation rather then implementing this interface as long as it is supported by the library using this Prioritized.
      Specified by:
      priority in interface Prioritized
      the priority of this service, must be a non-negative number