Interface TracerProvider

    • Method Detail

      • createBuilder

        TracerBuilder<?> createBuilder()
        Create a new builder for this tracer.
        a tracer builder
      • updateOutboundHeaders

        default Map<String,​List<String>> updateOutboundHeaders​(Span currentSpan,
                                                                     Tracer tracer,
                                                                     SpanContext parentSpan,
                                                                     Map<String,​List<String>> outboundHeaders,
                                                                     Map<String,​List<String>> inboundHeaders)
        Update headers for outbound requests. The outboundHeaders already contain injected from tracer via Tracer.inject(SpanContext, Format, Object). This is to enable fine grained tuning of propagated headers for each implementation.
        currentSpan - Current span covering the outbound call
        tracer - Tracer used
        parentSpan - Parent span context (may be null)
        outboundHeaders - Tracing headers map as configured by the tracer
        inboundHeaders - Existing inbound headers (may be empty if not within a scope of a request)
        new map of outbound headers, defaults to tracing headers