Interface SecurityRequest

  • public interface SecurityRequest
    Common methods for all security requests (authentication, authorization, and identity propagation).
    • Method Detail

      • isOptional

        default boolean isOptional()
        If true and security provider does not find required information in request/response/message, or headers, it should return SecurityResponse.SecurityStatus.FAILURE without doing any side effects (e.g. should not redirect, call third parties etc.).
        true if security is optional
      • tracingSpanContext

        Optional<SpanContext> tracingSpanContext()
        Parent span for tracing. There may be no parent defined (such as when tracing is disabled).
        tracing span context if available
      • resources

        Map<String,​Supplier<Object>> resources()
        Return a map of keys to resource instances. By default the mapping is under "object".
        a map of object keys to object instances