Class SecurityFilter

    • Constructor Detail

      • SecurityFilter

        public SecurityFilter()
        Default constructor to be used by Jersey when creating an instance of this class.
    • Method Detail

      • postConstruct

        public void postConstruct()
        A life-cycle method invoked by Jersey that finished initialization of the filter.
      • initRequestFiltering

        protected initRequestFiltering​(ContainerRequestContext requestContext)
      • logger

        protected Logger logger()
      • authenticate

        protected void authenticate​( context,
                                    SecurityContext securityContext,
                                    AtnTracing atnTracing)
      • processAuthentication

        protected void processAuthentication​( context,
                                             SecurityClientBuilder<AuthenticationResponse> clientBuilder,
                                             AtnTracing atnTracing)
      • authorize

        protected void authorize​( context,
                                 SecurityContext securityContext,
                                 AtzTracing atzTracing)
      • abortRequest

        protected void abortRequest​( context,
                                    SecurityResponse response,
                                    int defaultStatusCode,
                                    Map<String,​List<String>> defaultHeaders)
      • configureContext

        protected configureContext​( context,
                                                                                                             ContainerRequestContext requestContext,
                                                                                                             UriInfo uriInfo)
      • security

        protected Security security()
      • featureConfig

        protected featureConfig()