Interface AppRoleAuth

  • public interface AppRoleAuth
    Vault authentication method for AppRole. All methods block the current thread. This implementation is not suitable for reactive programming. Use AppRoleAuthRx in reactive code.
    • Method Detail

      • create

        static AppRoleAuth create​(AppRoleAuthRx reactive)
        Create AppRole blocking API from its reactive counterpart.
        reactive - AppRole reactive API
        AppRole blocking API
      • createAppRole

        CreateAppRole.Response createAppRole​(CreateAppRole.Request appRoleRequest)
        Creates a new AppRole or updates an existing AppRole. There can be one or more constraints enabled on the role. It is required to have at least one of them enabled while creating or updating a role.
        appRoleRequest - Create AppRole request
        when the AppRole gets created
      • deleteAppRole

        DeleteAppRole.Response deleteAppRole​(DeleteAppRole.Request request)
        Deletes an existing AppRole from the method with full control of request.
        request - delete AppRole request
        when the AppRole gets deleted
      • generateSecretId

        GenerateSecretId.Response generateSecretId​(GenerateSecretId.Request request)
        Generates and issues a new SecretID on an existing AppRole. Similar to tokens, the response will also contain a secretIdAccessor value which can be used to read the properties of the SecretID without divulging the SecretID itself, and also to delete the SecretID from the AppRole.
        request - generate secret ID request
        a new secret id response
      • login

        Login.Response login​(Login.Request request)
        Issues a Vault token based on the presented credentials.
        request - login request
        Login response (with Vault token)