Class PostMetricData.Request

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        public static final String BATCH_ATOMICITY_ATOMIC
        Atomic batch - either all succeed, or all fail.
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        public static final String BATCH_ATOMICITY_NON_ATOMIC
        Non atomic batch - some may succeed, some may fail.
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      • batchAtomicity

        public PostMetricData.Request batchAtomicity​(String atomicity)
        Batch atomicity behavior. Requires either partial or full pass of input validation for metric objects in PostMetricData requests. The default value of NON_ATOMIC requires a partial pass: at least one metric object in the request must pass input validation, and any objects that failed validation are identified in the returned summary, along with their error messages. A value of ATOMIC requires a full pass: all metric objects in the request must pass input validation.

        Defaults to "NON_ATOMIC".

        atomicity - atomicity to use
        updated request
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