Interface GrpcServerConfiguration

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    public interface GrpcServerConfiguration
    The configuration for a gRPC server.
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        static final int DEFAULT_WORKER_COUNT
        The default number of worker threads that will be used if not explicitly set.
    • Method Detail

      • name

        String name()
        Get the server name.
        the server name
      • port

        int port()
        Get the server port.
        the server port
      • context

        Context context()
        The top level Context to be used by the server.
        a context instance with registered application scoped instances
      • useNativeTransport

        boolean useNativeTransport()
        Determine whether use native transport if possible.

        If native transport support is enabled, gRPC server will use epoll on Linux, or kqueue on OS X. Otherwise, the standard NIO transport will be used.

        true if native transport should be used
      • tracer

        Tracer tracer()
        Returns an tracer. Default is GlobalTracer.
        a tracer to use - never null (defaulting to GlobalTracer
      • tracingConfig

        GrpcTracingConfig tracingConfig()
        Returns tracing configuration.
        a tracing configuration.
      • workers

        int workers()
        Returns a count of threads in s pool used to process gRPC requests.

        Default value is CPU_COUNT * 2.

        a workers count
      • tlsConfig

        GrpcTlsDescriptor tlsConfig()
        Returns a SslConfiguration to use with the server socket. If not null then the server enforces an SSL communication.
        a TLS configuration to use
      • rapidResetCheckPeriod

        Duration rapidResetCheckPeriod()
        Returns the period for counting rapid resets (stream RST sent by client before any data have been sent by server).
        the period for counting rapid resets
      • maxRapidResets

        int maxRapidResets()
        Returns the maximum allowed number of rapid resets (stream RST sent by client before any data have been sent by server). When reached within rapidResetCheckPeriod(), GOAWAY is sent to client and connection is closed.
        the maximum allowed number of rapid resets
      • create

        static GrpcServerConfiguration create()
        Creates new instance with default values for all configuration properties.
        a new instance
      • create

        static GrpcServerConfiguration create​(Config config)
        Creates new instance with values from external configuration.
        config - the externalized configuration
        a new instance