Interface ConnectionPool

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    This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

    public interface ConnectionPool
    JDBC Configuration parameters.
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      • create

        static ConnectionPool create​(Config config)
        Create a JDBC connection pool from provided configuration.
        Optional configuration parameters
        key default value description
        url   JDBC URL of the database - this property is required when only configuration is used. Example: jdbc:mysql://
        username   Username used to connect to the database
        password   Password used to connect to the database
        config - configuration of connection pool
        a new instance configured from the provided config
      • builder

        static ConnectionPool.Builder builder()
        Create a fluent API builder for a JDBC Connection pool based on URL, username and password.
        a new builder
      • connection

        Connection connection()
        Return a connection from the pool. The call to Connection.close() should return that connection to the pool. The connection pool should handle capacity issues and timeouts using unchecked exceptions thrown by this method.
        a connection read to execute statements
      • dbType

        default String dbType()
        The type of this database - if better details than "jdbc" is available, return it. This could be "jdbc:mysql" etc.
        type of this database