Interface ChangeWatcher.ChangeEvent<T>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - type of target
    Enclosing interface:

    public static interface ChangeWatcher.ChangeEvent<T>
    A change event, carrying the target, type of change and time of change.
    • Method Detail

      • changeTime

        Instant changeTime()
        Time of change, or as close to that time as we can get.
        instant of the change
      • target

        T target()
        Target of the change. This may be the same as the target of ChangeWatcher, though this may also be a different target. In case of Path, the change watcher may watch a directory, yet the change event notifies about a single file within that directory.
        target that is changed
      • type

        ChangeEventType type()
        Type of change if available. If no details can be found (e.g. we do not know if the target was deleted, created or modified, use ChangeEventType.CHANGED.
        type of change