Interface MpConfigFilter

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    public interface MpConfigFilter
    Filtering support for MicroProfile config implementation. The current specification does not have a way to intercept values as they are delivered. As we want to support filtering capabilities (such as for configuration encryption), this is a temporary solution (or permanent if the MP spec does not add any similar feature).
    • Method Detail

      • init

        default void init​(Config config)
        Initialize this filter from configuration. The config instance provided only has filters with higher priority than this filter.
        config - configuration to set this filter up.
      • apply

        String apply​(String propertyName,
                     String value)
        Apply this filter on the provided value.
        propertyName - name of the property (its key)
        value - the current value of the property as retrieved from the config source, or from previous filters
        value as processed by this filter