Interface AllowList

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    public interface AllowList
    extends Predicate<String>
    AllowList defines a list of allowed and/or denied matches and tests if a particular value conforms to the conditions.

    The algorithm of testing that a value is allowed:

    1. Iterate through all allowed patterns, if none matches, value is not permitted
    2. Iterate through all denied patterns, if any matches, value is not permitted
    3. Value is permitted
    • Method Detail

      • builder

        static AllowList.Builder builder()
        Create a fluent API builder to configure an instance.
        a new builder
      • create

        static AllowList create​(Config config)
        Create AllowList from configurtion.
        config - configuration
        a new configured AllowList
      • test

        boolean test​(String value)
        Test whether a value can be permitted.
        Specified by:
        test in interface Predicate<String>
        value - value to test against
        true if the value is allowed, false if it is not allowed or it is explicitly denied