Helidon Níma

Helidon Níma is the first Java microservices framework based on virtual threads.

It combines an easy-to-use programming model with outstanding performance.


Built From The Ground Up

Helidon Níma is developed in close collaboration with the Java team.

See our technical blog article Helidon on Virtual Threads

  • HTTP/1
  • HTTP/2
  • gRPC
  • Observability: Metrics, Health Checks, Tracing
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Testing integrations
Handler handler = (req, res) -> {
int count = count(req);
List<String> resp = new LinkedList<>();

for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {

res.send("Combined: " + resp);

Helidon Níma is available now as part of Helidon 4.


The Helidon Níma web server replaces Netty in the Helidon ecosystem. It also can be used as a foundation by other frameworks.