Interface KeyPerformanceIndicatorSupport

  • public interface KeyPerformanceIndicatorSupport
    Definitions and factory methods for key performance indicator KeyPerformanceIndicatorSupport.Context and KeyPerformanceIndicatorSupport.Metrics.

    Helidon maintains two categories of KPI metrics:

    1. basic - always collected (if the app depends on metrics) - count and meter of the number of arrived requests
    2. extended - disabled by default, enabled using the MetricsSupport or JerseySupport builder or using config
      • concurrent gauge of in-flight requests
      • meters (rates) of
        • long-running requests
        • load (currently-running requests)
        • deferred requests

    Helidon updates the KPI metrics in the MetricsSupport vendor metrics handler.

    using a per-request KPI metrics context which it notifies when the request

    1. arrives,
    2. begins processing, and
    3. completes processing.
    The KPI metrics context implementation updates the appropriate KPI metrics as the request progresses through its processing.