Interface WebClientResponse

  • public interface WebClientResponse
    Response from a server that was created for our request. An instance is created only if we receive a real response over HTTP. For other cases (e.g. a timeout) the flow ends exceptionally.
    • Method Detail

      • content

        MessageBodyReadableContent content()
        Content to access entity. The content is never null, though it may be empty (e.g. for HTTP PUT method, we do not get any entity back).
      • headers

        WebClientResponseHeaders headers()
        Headers of the HTTP response.
        headers that were present in the response from server
      • version

        Http.Version version()
        Http version of this response.
        http version
      • lastEndpointURI

        URI lastEndpointURI()
        URI of the last request. (after redirection)
        last URI
      • close

        Single<Void> close()
        Asynchronous close of the response. Needs to be called if entity is not automatically handled.
        single of the closing process