Class OutboundTracing

  • public class OutboundTracing
    extends Object
    Tracing support for outbound security.
    • Method Detail

      • finish

        public void finish()
        Finish the span.
      • error

        public void error​(String message)
        Log error and finish the span.
        message - log this message as the cause of failure
      • error

        public void error​(Throwable throwable)
        Log error and finish the span.
        throwable - throwable causing security to fail
      • findParent

        public Optional<SpanContext> findParent()
        Find closes parent span context.
        span context if found
      • logStatus

        public void logStatus​(SecurityResponse.SecurityStatus status)
        Log response status. This is to be used by authorization, authentication and outbound security. Top level security only traces proceed or deny.
        status - status to log