Class GrpcClientCdiExtension

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    public class GrpcClientCdiExtension
    extends Object
    implements Extension
    A CDI extension to add gRPC client functionality.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GrpcClientCdiExtension

        public GrpcClientCdiExtension()
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      • gatherApplications

        public <T,​X> void gatherApplications​(@Observes
                                                   ProcessInjectionPoint<T,​X> pip)
        Process injection points.

        In this method all of the injection points that have the GrpcProxy are processed and their types are stored so that in the afterBean(AfterBeanDiscovery, BeanManager) we can manually create a producer for the correct service proxy type.

        Type Parameters:
        X - the declared type of the injection point.
        T - the bean class of the bean that declares the injection point
        pip - the injection point