Interface OciMetricsSupport.NameFormatter

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    public static interface OciMetricsSupport.NameFormatter
    Prescribes behavior for formatting metric names for use by OCI.
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        default String format​(MetricID metricId,
                              String suffix,
                              Metadata metadata)
        Formats a metric name for OCI.

        The default implementation creates an OCI metric name with this format: metric-name[_suffix][_units] where _suffix is omitted if the caller passes a null suffix, and _units is omitted if the metrics metadata does not have units set or, in translating the units for OCI, the result is blank.

        metricId - MetricID of the metric being formatted
        suffix - name suffix to append to the recorded metric name (e.g, "total"); can be null
        metadata - metric metadata describing the metric
        the formatted metric name