Class OciMetricsBean

  • @Singleton
    public class OciMetricsBean
    extends Object
    CDI bean for preparing OCI metrics integration.

    This bean relies on the OCI SDK integration to manufacture a Monitoring instance. It is also extensible in case an upstream library needs to fine-tune the way the OCI metrics integration is set up.

    • Constructor Detail

      • OciMetricsBean

        public OciMetricsBean()
        For CDI use only.
    • Method Detail

      • configKey

        protected String configKey()
        Returns the config key to use for retrieving OCI metrics settings from the root config.
        config key for OCI metrics settings
      • ociMetricsSupportBuilder

        protected OciMetricsSupport.Builder ociMetricsSupportBuilder​(Config rootConfig,
                                                                     Config ociMetricsConfig,
                                                                     Monitoring monitoring)
        Returns the builder for constructing a new OciMetricsSupport instance, initialized using the config retrieved using the configKey() return value and the provided Monitoring instance.
        rootConfig - root Config node
        ociMetricsConfig - config node for the OCI metrics settings
        monitoring - monitoring implementation to be used in preparing the OciMetricsSupport.Builder.
        resulting builder
      • ociMetricsConfig

        protected Config ociMetricsConfig()
        Returns the OCI metrics config settings previously retrieved from the config root.
        OCI metrics config node
      • activateOciMetricsSupport

        protected void activateOciMetricsSupport​(Config rootConfig,
                                                 Config ociMetricsConfig,
                                                 OciMetricsSupport.Builder builder)
        Activates OCI metrics support.
        rootConfig - root config node
        ociMetricsConfig - OCI metrics configuration
        builder - builder for OciMetricsSupport