Interface PollingStrategyProvider

  • public interface PollingStrategyProvider
    Java service loader service to create a polling strategy factory based on meta configuration.
    • Method Detail

      • supports

        boolean supports​(String type)
        Return true if this provider supports the type of meta-configurable object.
        type - type that is supported (such as file for ConfigSource meta configurable)
        true if this provider can create instances of the type
      • create

        T create​(String type,
                 Config metaConfig)
        Create an instance of the meta configurable using the provided meta configuration.
        type - type of the meta configurable
        metaConfig - meta configuration
        meta configurable configured from the metaConfig
      • supported

        Set<String> supported()
        Return a set of supported types. Used for error handling.
        a set of types supported by this provider