Class MatcherWithRetry

  • public class MatcherWithRetry
    extends Object
    Hamcrest matcher capable of configured retries before failing the assertion, plus more generic retry processing.
    • Method Detail

      • assertThatWithRetry

        public static <T> T assertThatWithRetry​(String reason,
                                                Supplier<T> actualSupplier,
                                                org.hamcrest.Matcher<? super T> matcher)
                                         throws InterruptedException
        Checks the matcher, possibly multiple times after configured delays, invoking the supplier of the matched value each time, until either the matcher passes or the maximum retry expires.
        Type Parameters:
        T - type of the supplied value
        reason - explanation of the assertion
        actualSupplier - Supplier that furnishes the value to submit to the matcher
        matcher - Hamcrest matcher which evaluates the supplied value
        the supplied value
        InterruptedException - if the sleep is interrupted
      • retry

        public static void retry​(Callable<Boolean> work)
                          throws Exception
        Retries the specified work until successful or retry limit is exceeded.
        work - the work to perform; returned boolean indicates if the work was successful
        Exception - exception from the work or from the sleep being interrupted