Annotation Type Transient

  • @Retention(RUNTIME)
    public @interface Transient
    Annotation used to exclude JavaBean property, method or constructor from JavaBean deserialization support. The annotation can be used on JavaBean property public setter, on public property field, on public constructor or on public builder and build method.

    The annotation cannot be applied on same JavaBean property together with Value.

    In following example, property timestamp is not set even timestamp config value is available. Property timestamp is completely ignored by deserialization process.

     public class AppConfig {
         private Instant timestamp;
         private String greeting;
         public void setTimestamp(Instant timestamp) { // <1>
             this.timestamp = timestamp;
         public void setGreeting(String greeting) {    // <2>
             this.greeting = greeting;
    1. The setTimestamp(Instant) method is never called during deserialization.
    2. While setGreeting(String) can be called if greeting config value is available.
    Configuration example:
         "app" : {
             "greeting" : "Hello",
             "timestamp" : "2007-12-03T10:15:30.00Z"
    Getting app config node as AppConfig instance:
     AppConfig appConfig = config.get("app").as(AppConfig.class);
     assert appConfig.getTimestamp() == null;
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