Class LogConfig

  • public final class LogConfig
    extends Object
    Logging configuration utility. Methods are invoked by Helidon on startup, so you do not need to explicitly configure Java Util logging as long as a file is on the classpath or in the current directory, or you configure logging explicitly using System properties. Both "java.util.logging.config.class" and "java.util.logging.config.file" are honored. If you wish to configure the logging system differently, just do not include the file and/or system properties, or set system property "io.helidon.logging.config.disabled" to true.
    • Method Detail

      • configureRuntime

        public static void configureRuntime()
        Reconfigures logging with runtime configuration if within a native image. See GraalVM native image support in Helidon.
      • initClass

        public static void initClass()
        This method is for internal use, to correctly load logging configuration at AOT build time.