Class HelidonFeatures

  • public final class HelidonFeatures
    extends Object
    Helidon Features support.

    A Helidon feature is added by its package name. In this version, only Helidon internal features are supported.

    All registered features can be printed using print(HelidonFlavor, String, boolean) as a simple line such as:
    Helidon MP 2.0.0 features: [CDI, Config, JAX-RS, JPA, JTA, Server]
    Using this class' logger.

    When details are enabled, an additional log statement is logged, such as:

     Detailed feature tree:
    • Method Detail

      • print

        public static void print​(HelidonFlavor flavor,
                                 String version,
                                 boolean details)
        Print features for the current flavor. If flavor(HelidonFlavor) is called, this method would only print the list if it matches the flavor provided. This is to make sure we do not print SE flavors in MP, and at the same time can have this method used from Web Server. This method only prints feature the first time it is called.
        flavor - flavor to print features for
        version - version of Helidon
        details - set to true to print the tree structure of sub-features
      • nativeBuildTime

        public static void nativeBuildTime​(ClassLoader classLoader)
        Will scan all features and log errors and warnings for features that have a native image limitation. This method is automatically called when building a native image with Helidon.
        classLoader - to look for features in
      • flavor

        public static void flavor​(HelidonFlavor flavor)
        Set the current Helidon flavor. Features will only be printed for the flavor configured. The first flavor configured wins.
        flavor - current flavor