Interface ExecutorServiceSupplierObserver.SupplierObserverContext

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface ExecutorServiceSupplierObserver.SupplierObserverContext
    Context with which suppliers (or their surrogates) interact with observers.
    • Method Detail

      • registerExecutorService

        void registerExecutorService​(ExecutorService executorService,
                                     int index)
        Informs the observer which created the context of a new executor service created by the supplier.
        executorService - the new executor service
        index - unique index value for the executor service within its supplier
      • unregisterExecutorService

        void unregisterExecutorService​(ExecutorService executorService)
        Informs the observer that an executor is shutting down.
        executorService - the executor service shutting down